What do we offer?

From design consulting and product strategy development to implementation and support, our comprehensive services can help your business thrive.

Individual Services

All services priced hourly based on scope, billed weekly.

Contact info@slapstickstudio.com for rates or more information.

Hand and Digital Sketching

Our engineers love sketching new ideas. This process is the basis for all further development and serves as a starting point for development and communication.

Manufacturing Drawing

We can generate anything from complex manufacturing ready drawings, to detailed line drawing for any type of media; Assembly instructions, illustrated detail views for manuals. We work closely with our clients to make sure that drawings fit with your current brand, or to develop a brand strategy for this stage of development.

We specialize in troubleshooting or refreshing older drawings, modernizing or rebranding drawings, or digitizing hand-drawn ones.

2D Drawing

beam design-printed paper on desk
beam design-printed paper on desk
green and brown metal tool
green and brown metal tool
Individual Part design

Our experienced engineers are truly pros at turning an idea sketch or verbal scope into the first 1:1 representation of your product.

We specialize in DFM (Design For Manufacturing) and provide a truly rapid turnaround, sometimes same-day production ready. Modular product ecosystems can be challenging, but our engineers excel at keeping procucts both functional and cohesive with others in the line, or with your brand in general.

Large assembly management

We carefully monitor subassembly parts and ensure maximum compatibility. We specialize in modular configurations ensuring maximum value is achieved downstream in the product design process.

We provide anything from unique and innovative designs, working closely with our clients to bring their visions to life.

We specialize in troubleshooting assemblies, finding and fixing broken or missing mates and sketch entities, creating and re-configuring assemblies with many options, and designing for modularity. These assets are directly compatible with our photorealistic render pipeline, so organization here truly goes a long way.

stainless steel and red industrial machine
stainless steel and red industrial machine

3D Design

2D Static Renders

We use state of the art hardware and software to generate stunning photorealistic product renders. Visualization is the best way to deliver a bigger punch with 3D Assets.

Product Animations

Our photoreal pipeline generates immaculate videos and animations. From assembly explosions and illustrative transparency, to fantastical

person holding black and white plastic cup
person holding black and white plastic cup

Product Visualization


We can provide a preliminary FEA (Finite Element Analysis) simulation to determine system stability in response to inputs, and determine likely failure modes.


Our engineers will gladly look over simulation or real gathered data and provide insight and analysis. We can generate spreadsheets, graphs and plots, using many types of visual and numerical analytical approaches. If necessary, we work with an external vibration analysis company to provide a thorough round of certified testing.

a computer generated image of a red mountain
a computer generated image of a red mountain

Simulation and Analysis


In-house 3D Printers (FDM, SLA), a CNC Machine (3" cu.), a Laser Cutter (8" sq), and engineering team can work wonders for generating a 1st article or prototype. We work closely with local manufacturers for any feature or requirement that we are not able to handle in-house, such as sheet bending and all finishing.


Once your product has passed all design checks and verifications, we will generate manufacturing drawings (if not already), estimate costing and delivery, and send a purchase order to a manufacturer that meets your requirements. Estimated TOD (Time On Delivery) is typically between 6-8 weeks.

a laptop computer sitting on top of a table
a laptop computer sitting on top of a table

Prototyping and Production

Asset Generation

Our team of designers are beyond eager to help your company reach new heights and customers with modern and crafted branding.


Establishing a cohesive brand experience is more than just choosing a color pallet and can be just as challenging and rewarding. Let us help you identify your branding goals and develop a plan to deliver a solid product.

color code book
color code book


Coaching and Consultation

We have been paying close attention to the AI industry and are here to make recommendations and suggestions for how you could employ AI at your company to empower your data and gain new insights not possible before. We use AI tools for valuable insights and comprehensive understanding in situations where a human simply does not suffice.


AI tools have become vastly accessible and impressive, turning plain text into anything it can "imagine". Let us help you levy this technology to generate anything from simple images to experimental policy, all curated to your brand identity.

a white robot with blue eyes and a laptop
a white robot with blue eyes and a laptop

AI Coaching, Consultation, Curation

Hardware Consultation

In the modern world, powerful computers to do all the heavy lifting. As the years go on, we find a lot of older hardware just cant keep up with the new, so we are happy to provide recommendations for your current or prospective hardware for anything from engineering typical tasks like simulation and AI, to gaming. There are many options and it can be immensely overwhelming ensuring max performance and compatibility.


If you have a system that already performs some task and would like to boost its performance, let us come up with a plan of action on what components can help. We offer assembly and installation services, so we'd be happy to take a look in person and evaluate your situation vs performance requirements, make a recommendation, and help make you more productive than ever before.

a close up of a computer motherboard in a dark room
a close up of a computer motherboard in a dark room

Hardware Coaching and Consultation

Service Packages

All services priced hourly based on scope, billed weekly.

Contact info@slapstickstudio.com for rates or more information.

Scheduled one-on-one

- Meet with us to bring us up to speed on anything from an idea to a production ready product line. We will align to any part of your process.

Begin Asset Generation

- Asset generation starts from the first notes we start to take and the sketches they lead to.

- Development schedules and other structured organizational documents are an integral part of the development process.

a person drawing a diagram on a piece of paper
a person drawing a diagram on a piece of paper

Consultation and Initial Ideation

Organize and Collaborate

- We strive to create a collaborative environment to share goals, preferences, and vision. This meeting serves as the foundation for a successful partnership, as it allows us to establish a clear direction and outline the project scope. By the end of the consultation and ideation meeting, we aim to have a solid understanding of your expectations, and you of ours.

assorted-color abstract painting
assorted-color abstract painting
Full Cycle Product and Project Management

- Anything from ideation to production ready, includes sourcing, costing, file database management.

Documentation Generation

- We can generate any assortment of media to go along with a new project or product line. Take advantage of careful branding and consistency across documentation to keep your customers familiar with your brand identity.

person working on blue and white paper on board
person working on blue and white paper on board

Comprehensive CAD

Innovative Solutions

- We will work hand in hand or independently to achieve your goals. Our engineers will come directly to you and assimilate into your workflow and software packages. We can also bring our choice of hardware and software to bring the Studio to you, or work remotely over the internet to work around distance or schedule.

Research is the path to discovery

- Research is the forefront of innovation. Our engineers are deliver ideas, processes and solutions tailored to project goals.

- Our R&D service encompasses a wide range of industries, including consumer technology, aerospace, and manufacturing.

Explore and Optimize

- Whether it's exploring new products and technologies or improving existing products and processes, we can help drive and fuel growth in today's competitive landscape.

a group of plastic cups sitting on top of a machine
a group of plastic cups sitting on top of a machine

Research and Development

Market Research

- We can help conduct market research, identify trends, and develop prototypes and products around the findings.

Bring us In-House

- Our Engineers are ready and able to integrate right into your current workflow. We'll use your existing software or bring along what we'll need to get your job done.

Technical Support

- Our engineers will take a look at any technical problem and provide recommendations, or get right in and fix the issue.

woman placing sticky notes on wall
woman placing sticky notes on wall

Office and Technical Support

Office Support

- Things change day to day, and that's okay! We'll help you modify or establish best practices that work for your team to boost productivity across the board and promote growth.

- It can be hard to keep large workflows or project scopes in working order. We specialize in documentation consistency and organization.

Already have a website?

- Our Engineers are ready to take a look and recommend a best practice approach to fix an issue or develop a new feature.

SEO and Backend Optimization

- The internet is always growing and so is the requirement for content to keep up with the times. Have you landed on a web page that looks stuck in the 90s recently? We'll dig through your web code and recommend or implement improvements for the modern web to ensure your site impresses your audience.

- SEO is the key to spreading information about your company online. Search engines are no longer the only ones sifting through your metadata and this is a great way to optimize the backend.

- Social media and payment processors collects transaction data that you may not have direct access to, but can use indirectly simply by knowing it exists.

- Big brand name software products and services are launching around this data and we can help you capitalize on it.

monitor showing Java programming
monitor showing Java programming

Web Development and Optimization

Need a website?

- We can help develop a website for your needs from the ground up, or start on a platform and iterate from there.

Scope and Strategy

- We'll work together to establish a best approach for appropriate audiences, generate and post content to make it happen.

Social Media Management

- Our team will manage your social accounts and ensure your branding stays consistent, and your audience stays engaged.

person using microsoft surface laptop on lap with two other people
person using microsoft surface laptop on lap with two other people

Marketing and Social Media Management


- Our engineers are good at making stuff, but not so good at selling it. Thankfully, our marketing department is great at selling stuff.

Fulfilment: Sell, Pack, Ship

- We'll work together to establish a best approach for appropriate audiences, generate and post content to make it happen.

Inventory Management

- Our team will manage and augment your internal inventory system.

- We can help bring smart options to your warehouse; barcodes and QR codes, visual tracking software, and custom code.

yellow and black fork lift
yellow and black fork lift

Fulfilment and Inventory Management

Schedule a Courier

- Cant get a carrier to pick up your items today? We'll take the trip to a carrier ourselves and ensure delivery.